2 restored historic facilities: Stara Orunia Reservoir (1869) and Stary Sobieski Reservoir (1911) and a modern water tower – Kazimierz Reservoir (2015), allow you to look at Gdańsk’s history and technical prowess from both the underground and a bird’s eye view. Get ready for a historical, technical and nature exploration involving all your senses!

The Kazimierz Reservoir, put into use in 2015, performs primarily a technical function (water tower) on a daily basis. In the touring season, it also becomes an educational space (interactive exhibition on the history and nature of the Sobieszewska Island) and a view point – from the terrace located 10 m above the treetops, presents a unique view of the Island, Gdańsk Żuławy and the Bay of Gdańsk.

The Stara Orunia Reservoir was the first modern reservoir with drinking water for Gdańsk’s residents. During off-season is one of the most valuable bat habitat in Pomorskie. The facility is adjacent to the Jerzy view point with a spectacular panorama combining modern and historical architecture of the city with the upland moraine hills of Orunia – heighest peaks reaching even 50 m above the sea level.
Located on Szubieniczna Góra in Wrzeszcz, the Stary Sobieski Reservoir is an “underground amphitheater” with acoustics unique on a European scale and an interdisciplinary exhibition devoted to the history of Gdańsk’s waterworks. The Antoni view point located above the crown of the reservoir provides beautiful views of Wrzeszcz and Przymorze.